Consumer PublishingConsumer publishing refers to titles, usually periodical magazines, targeted at consumers, the man or woman, teen or child in the street. There are literally tens of thousands of consumer magazines covering everything from fashion to travel, from learning to speak another language to learning how to take photographs and much more; think of a topic and there are probably several magazines covering it. The term can also refer to books; many of the publishers of educational and self-help books refer to their products as consumer publishing.

These days many consumer publications are online, either as an adjunct to a printed version or increasingly as products in their own right with no hardcopy equivalent.

B2C (Business to Consumer) publishing is another growth area that blurs the traditional boundaries between B2B and consumer publishing. Many companies, especially those producing FMCGs, fashion and luxury goods are now publishing magazines that promote their brand and products with varying degrees of directness or indirectness.

RedBull’s RedDot magazine at first glance appears to be lifestyle consumer glossy and many of the articles have nothing directly to do with Redbull. However on closer inspection one realises that many of the articles are about sports, people or events sponsored by Redbull and even those that are not are still promoting the lifestyle/ image that Redbull tries to associate itself with. Other companies such as Rolex are even more blatant and only feature stories about their watches, the yachting, golf and polo events they sponsor or famous people who wear Rolexes.