Team Introduction


The editorial team gathers, verifies and organises data from which it creates content according to the objectives of the publication. Based on interviews with newsmakers and research conducted online, in news archives, relevant libraries and other resources, the editorial team, who’ve been trained as journalists in various local and foreign publications, will angle each feature or chapter to suit the overall objectives of the publication. The editorial team is also responsible for verifying facts, proofreading and ensuring that the style is consistent as well as seeking permission for the use of copyrighted materials in the publication.

Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing team sets up the systems and collaterals required for marketing advertising pages and promotions opportunities according to the objectives of the publication. This includes determining the prices and dimensions of advertisements and promotions pages, and the various mechanisms for collaboration with advertisers. This can also include the setting up of procedures for sponsorship canvassing to support the publication for non-profit making organisations publishing for charitable purposes. This includes determining prices of sponsorship packages and sponsors’ entitlements for each package. The sales team can also help to train advertising sales and canvass staff.


The design team is responsible for presenting the publication in a way that best suits its objectives; whether it’s meant to be a glossy consumer magazine, a yearbook, a showcase of the client’s achievements, a sales kit or a whimsical souvenier book. It establishes the creative and art direction of the publication, determines layout grids, use of font and photography as well as the quality and type of paper and printing. This team will also oversee the printing process.


This team is responsible for supplying high quality, high resolution photographs suitable for the publication. From products to food to corporate portraits or high fashion, each photographer on the team has a specialty that can be harnessed to enhance any publication and they are experienced at collaborating with stylists, art directors, makeup artistes and hairstylists when required.  Photographers are also responsible for digitally treating the pictures to the finish that best suits the publication concept.