What type of publication you opt for, how you distribute it and even whether you choose to have advertising in it all depend on what you hope to achieve or what your objective is:

To mark a significant anniversary or milestone for your company, you might want produce a commemorative yearbook which records the company’s achievements.

To keep your customers apprised of the latest industry news, trends and developments and the leading role your company plays in them you might want to produce a quarterly magazine.

There are also many ways for a publication to reach and impact the intended target audience:

A biography or coffee-table book designed to raise funds for a good cause might be launched by auctioning signed copies at a charity dinner before being released to bookstores.

A B2B directory or newsletter might be mailed or couriered to an exclusive subscription-only database.

A consumer glossy might benefit from a forced circulation approach that would make it widely available in eateries, ports clubs or other public places as well as in retail outlets.

If a publication is meant to be a profit-making enterprise, we can also assist in putting in place an advertising sales structure as well as a budget projection plan. Depending on the business model, we could also assist in training of sales staff or assisting you in engaging established sales offices.

In short, the purpose and the target audience will not only shape the content and style of the publication but also how frequently and by what means it is distributed and the budget required to accomplish this.